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Types of Spinning Bikes - which is the best?

spinning bikes

Who doesn't like to enjoy good exercise at home or at the gym? One of the most popular sports that makes us sweat is spinning. It is practiced with fixed spinning bikes, which are a special exercise bike model that allows you to simulate the exercise of riding a road bike as much as possible. Buying cheap and good spinning bikes is something that is within everyone's reach, as they are bikes that can be found at a very good price and that we can also have at home to use in our free time.

But maybe, in view of the great number of offers on fixed spinning bikes, you will get lost a little bit and you will not know which one to choose. That's why in Biciscope we have dedicated this post to the best cheap spinning bikes that we can find in the market today and that can be bought online. We will only base on the bikes with the best ratings and opinions of users who have bought them, so here we go.

What is the flywheel and how does it determine the quality of the spinning bike

This is one of the key factors when choosing a bike. The value of the steering wheel is expressed in kilos, and the greater the weight the more resistance the bike will offer when pedalling. That is, the training may be more or less strong according to this value. Additionally, the bigger the flywheel, the more expensive the bicycle is. As you can see, this is a key point to look at in the fine print when looking for which spinning bike to buy.

With a flywheel up to 15kg you can pedal without much resistance and it is ideal for physical therapy, weight loss or occasional use.

You could say that from 16kg to 20kg of flywheel you can do a moderate exercise, focused on losing weight and helping the aerobic training to be more sustained.

While a 20kg to 25kg flywheel is a more advanced spinning bike, even for professional and intensive use. It can be used at home for a more demanding workout and improve both muscular and aerobic performance.

Console or LCD screen

Almost all good spinning bikes have a screen to monitor training. These electronic devices are used to monitor and improve training. The minimum we can expect from these screens is that they indicate work time, speed, distance traveled and calories burned. On the other hand, other more professional bikes also include sensors to measure the heart rate while pedaling.

Calapies or shoes with cleats

Users of professional or very advanced spinning bikes in gyms wear shoes with cleats. These are special cycling shoes for attaching the sole of the foot to the pedal, also called automatic pedal. Almost all spinning bikes similar to gym bikes include both cleats and cleat holes.

Calipers, on the other hand, serve to fix the foot by holding it from the instep. Thus the spinning bike can be used in a correct pedalling position with any type of footwear. It should also be noted that the vast majority of domestic and high-capacity aerobic spinning bikes are fitted with cleats.

Height of the saddle

It is a quite key point that makes the comfort and good posture of the spinning bike user. To practice spinning in a correct and effective way, it is necessary to be able to extend the leg, but with the knee slightly bent (not totally extended). With a saddle that is too low, it is not possible to finish extending the knee and keep this minimum flexion that serves to practice spinning correctly.

Weight supported by the spinning bike

There is a maximum user weight that each bike can support. The limit is normally around 120kg, but each brand of spinning bike has its own (and each model too). Keeping this point in mind is essential to find the best spinning bike, with which we can exercise comfortably, even if we gain weight at some point.

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Emergency brake

Practically mandatory on every spinning bike. It is used to stop the bicycle abruptly in case of any eventuality: loss of balance, injury or simply wanting to get off the bike immediately.