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What are the best known types of bicycles

The different designs of the bicycles are based on their functionality: for which type of terrain, speed development, less weight or more strength, etc. We will give the characteristics of the most common ones to help you choose the bike that best suits your person and needs.

Mountain Bikes (MTB)

Mountain bikes (also known as MTBs) are designed for "off-road" use so they are quite rugged. They are equipped with wide rims with marked patterns to improve grip on loose terrain. They regularly use straight or double height handlebars.
The MTBs can be found without suspension (rigid), with front suspension (hardtail) or with double suspension (full-suspension) depending on their specialty:
Cross country

Road Bikes

They are bikes designed to obtain speed on pavement, of lighter construction than other bikes, they are equipped with larger, thinner wheels and provided with narrow rims and with a smooth pattern. Road bikes use drop-bar handles for a more aerodynamic posture.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are quite versatile as they combine features of both mountain and road bikes and were born as a solution for those who need a bike for the city, but which has the flexibility to be used in different terrains. The frames are resistant and with a geometry that allows to adopt a comfortable position that allows to relax the arms and the neck.

Urban Bicycles

In this case we refer to Dutch style bicycles as urban bicycles.
These bikes were conceived for the city, so they are quite solidly built both in their frame and in their wheels. They are perfectly suited to withstand the conditions of a city (potholes, sidewalks, bumpers, etc.)

They usually have mudguards for rainy days, luggage rack and/or basket to carry everything you need to go to work, to the supermarket, etc. A common feature on this type of bicycle is the presence of lights to keep us always visible to the drivers.
They usually have a single speed, or internal gear system if necessary.
These bikes allow for a relaxed torso and arm position.